Two School of Meteorology Students Named AMS Senior Scholars

Meteorologists all over the country are traveling to the 100th American Meteorological Society (AMS) conference in Boston set to start on Monday. As our students, faculty, and staff gear up for the conference, two seniors, Max Ungar and Kristine Chen have been named Senior Scholars by AMS! Both students shared their gratitude after receiving this […]

A&GS Outstanding Senior 2019-2020 – Annalisa Sanfilippo

Each year the College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences awards one graduating senior within the college the Outstanding Senior award. For the 2019-2020 school year, Annalisa Sanfilippo was selected for this honor. Annalisa will graduate with a BS in meteorology with special distinction and a minor in aerospace studies, this spring (2020).

Senior Spotlight *December Graduate* – Jason Myers

Jason is from Troy, Ohio and came to Oklahoma to study here at the School of Meteorology. He told us that he has always been interested in the weather and Oklahoma was the perfect place for him to study meteorology alongside aviation.

School of Meteorology Undergrad Speaks at the 6th Annual Intelligence and National Security Symposium

School of Meteorology Junior, Nash Rhodes, spoke at the 6th Annual Intelligence and National Security Symposium at OU last week. As the only undergraduate speaker, he spoke for nearly an hour on “Communication through the Analysis of Meteorological Intelligence”.

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