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New NSF Physical and Dynamic Meteorology Grant Awarded to Zhang and team

A joint OU-NSSL team composed of Dr. Guifu Zhang, Dr. Jidong Gao, and Dr. Jacob Carlin has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Physical and Dynamic Meteorology Program.

OU Research Team Leads Study on Global Distribution, Trends and Drivers of Flash Droughts

OU Meteorology Ph.D student Jordan Christian and the CHEW-e research group have published a new study in Nature Communications about 'flash droughts.

SoM Professor Awarded Grant to Study in Antarctica

Dr. Scott Salesky, assistant professor at the School of Meteorology, was awarded a grant through the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs to study how katabatic winds are impacting the growth of the Antarctic ice sheet. The grant, totaling $530,297, is funding a study that Dr. Salesky is leading alongside colleagues from Columbia University […]

Upcoming Events

Tyler Bell – November 29

School of Meteorology MS Thesis Defense Examining Novel Profiling Systems and Their Synergy for Advancing Boundary-Layer Research Tyler Bell Monday, November 29 11:00 AM Join Google Meet:   In recent years, increased attention has turned to studying the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) as new observing systems have been developed. Traditionally, the ABL has been […]

Qingyu Wang – November 30

Boundary Layer, Urban Meteorology, and Land-Surface Processes Evaluation of the impacts of land-surface processes on the PBL: A case study on cropland and grassland Qingyu Wang Tuesday, November 30 2:00 PM Join Google Meet: Vegetation and soil moisture impact the surface energy partitioning, land-atmosphere feedbacks, and planetary boundary layer (PBL) characteristics. In this study, […]

David Stang – December 1

School of Meteorology MS Thesis Defense A Statistical Approach to Diagnosing Storm Mode (Linear vs Isolated) Using Synoptic Scale Variables David Stang Wednesday, December 1st 1:00pm Join Zoom Determining storm mode (linear or isolated) is a crucial component of any severe weather forecast. Isolated storms are associated with a greater likelihood of significant (EF2+) […]

Matthew Bray- December 1

Weather and Climate Systems Characteristics of Long-track Tropopause Polar Vortices Matthew Bray Wednesday, December 1 3:00 PM Join Google Meet: Tropopause polar vortices (TPVs) are closed, cyclonic circulations centered on the tropopause that form and mostly reside in high latitudes. TPVs have been shown to influence surface features, and so a greater understanding of […]

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