Faculty Retirements: Dr. Brian Fiedler and Dr. Alan Shapiro

Both Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Fielder have served in the School of Meteorology for over 20 years.

Senior Spotlight: Leah Hill

Leah is from St. Louis, Missouri

Meteorology Graduate Student Receives Provost’s Certificate of Distinction in Teaching

First year graduate student, Ty Dickinson, is being recognized as part of the top 10 percent of all the graduate assistants on OU's campus for the Fall 2018 semester.

Ph.D Student Eric Loken Wins 1st Place at AMS

School of Meteorology Ph.D Student, Eric Loken, won first place in the student oral presentation category at the 2019 American Meteorological Society Annual Conference as part of the 18th Conference on Artificial and Computational Intelligence and its Applications to the Environmental Sciences. His presentation titled, Postprocessing HREFv2 Heavy Rainfall Forecasts Using Machine Learning.

Upcoming events

Makenzie Krocak-March 27

The Forecasting A Continuum of Environmental Threats (FACETs) project aims to transform the dichotomous watch/warning system into a streamlined continuum of probabilistic weather information. A proposed way to connect the larger scale convective outlooks with smaller scale warnings is to include the timing of severe weather in the outlook.

Dr. Grace Guirong-March 29-Boundary Layer, Urban Meteorology, and Land-Surface Processes

At the WHAM laboratory, we have been simulating the tornadic wind fields numerically (using CFD simulations) and experimentally (in laboratory tornado simulators) to study the static and dynamic responses on civil structures induced by tornadoes. We believe that the entire community has a role to play in improving their community’s resilience to tornadoes. To achieve true tornado resilience, besides technical advancements, the whole community should be aware of the threats and, following best practices, act appropriately together.
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