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Interdisciplinary Cluster Hire Focused on High Impact and Severe Weather

As part of a multi-year College-level effort to become a global leader in Earth System Predictions and Community Resilience Research, the School of Meteorology welcomes applications for a cluster of eight (8) faculty positions from candidates whose experiences and interests have prepared them to be an integral contributor to the advancement of our inclusive and […]

OU School of Meteorology Graduate Student Awarded Research Grant

Congratulations to Meteorology/ARRC Ph.D. candidate Noah Brauer on being awarded an FY2021 NASA Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST) research grant!   The successor of the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship, the FINESST program provides research grants to graduate students who are designing and performing research projects relevant to interests […]

Two Meteorology Students Take on Leadership Roles in New Club

Students in the OU School of Meteorology don’t just focus on the weather; many of them enjoy video games too!  Two students enjoy gaming so much that they are members of the Esports Club, or Gaming Club.  Jonathan Hudson, School of Meteorology Class 2023, and Matthew Miller, School of Meteorology Class 2022, both hold leadership […]

Upcoming Events

Shun-Nan Wu – October 20

Weather and Climate Systems   The Role of Cloud-Radiation Interactions in Accelerating Tropical Cyclone Development   Shun-Nan Wu   Wednesday, October 20 3:00 PM Google Meet   This study examines how cloud-radiation interactions affect the development of tropical cyclones (TCs) using satellite measurements and idealized model simulations. A complete understanding of TC genesis remains unclear. […]

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