Details about advising can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook! This is a helpful resource for all topics related to undergraduates in the School of Meteorology.

  • Students are asked to check Degree Navigator and come to their advising appointment with a practice class schedule for the upcoming semester.
  • Advising appointments in the School of Meteorology are scheduled via
  • Appointments at the College level (typically for graduation checks and academic contracts) are made with Ms. Brittney Johnson via iAdvise. Students are asked to set their appointments early despite any holds from the Bursar’s office or other offices on campus. This will prevent a delay in enrollment whenever the hold is cleared.
  • A resource that may be useful as you are deciding on which elective courses to take is the information published by the American Meteorology Society.  Although the guideline is directed at meteorology departments, it also contains some useful information on courses for different career goals.
  • The checksheets for the Bachelor’s in Meteorology, the Meteorology+MBA degree, and the Meteorology+DSA degree can be found here: 
  • Students who need assistance or have questions should email Shelby Hill below