Students in the School of Meteorology are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship.  Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain professional experience in their field of study and may lead to an entry-level position within the business where the internship was performed. Many internship opportunities are available within the National Weather Center, but some students may choose to seek external internships. Institutions and companies will send listings to the university to be distributed among the students; students should carefully read the Monday Memo and emails from student coordinators to see these listings.

Although students are not required to seek credit for an internship, many internship employers require that students be enrolled in an internship class.  Students may earn 1-3 hours of credit for an Internship.  Internships may be completed at any time during the academic year and may be either paid or unpaid.

To receive academic credit through the School of Meteorology for an internship, a student must complete the following: 

  • Have a declared a major in Meteorology
  • Have a minimum 2.0 OU and Retention GPA
  • Have a faculty member agree to supervise them; this can be their faculty advisor or another faculty member that agrees to do it.
  • Reach an agreement with the faculty supervisor as to what will be required to receive credit (i.e. paper summarizing the experiment, presentation to a class, etc.)
  • Receive approval from their faculty advisor to receive credit
  • Submit an AGS Internship for Credit form to the undergraduate coordinator
  • Enroll in the section of METR 3890 assigned to the agreed-upon faculty member
  • Satisfactorily complete the requirements set forth by the instructor of the course in the time agreed upon.

Internship Postings

The School is working to build a database of past internships that have been open to, or held by, OU Meteorology students. That information will be found on this page as soon as it is available.