The School of Meteorology has a variety of student organization that offer a supportive environment and a broad range of opportuniteis that include peer mentoring, professional and social activities, field trips, and tutoring.

    • Oklahoma Weather Lab:  The Oklahoma Weather Lab is a student-run forecasting office serving the state of Oklahoma, Key West, Florida, and Rogue River, Oregon.  The lab hosts 2 shifts daily Monday through Friday, and 1 shift daily Saturday and Sunday, all of which have access to our state-of-the-art forecasting lab.  Shift leaders spend time during each shift to teach new forecasting techniques, then guide students through forecasting temperatures, wind speed/direction, cloud cover, and precipitation for the region.  Students will get the chance to learn techniques such as reading atmospheric soundings, hand analysis of observed conditions, and forecasting with model guidance.  The OWL lab also comes equipped with AWIPS II, the same forecasting software used by the NWS, giving students an unparalleled opportunity to gain critical skills necessary for operational forecasting in a professional environment.  Additionally, OWL provides frequently updated forecasts during hazardous weather events, such as blizzards, floods, and severe weather outbreaks.  For example, during the recent May 2013 Moore tornado, several OWL forecasters worked as a team to track the storms as they formed, updating the OWL Twitter and Facebook pages with NWS warning information, storm reports, and storm forecasts throughout the event.
    • In addition, on weekdays at midday, we feature a broadcast shift for OU Nightly at OU’s Gaylord College, where students will have a chance to use the latest Baron software to create and present professional weather forecasts.  This is the same technology used by companies such as ABC and Accuweather, giving students a fantastic opportunity to gain on-the-job experience in a supportive learning environment.
    • Finally, OWL also holds monthly workshops for students, which brings professional meteorologists and organizations to students in a friendly learning environment.  Past speakers have included the WeatherBrains, SPC and NWS forecasters, and Weather Channel presenters such as Jim Cantore.  One of our most popular biannual events is the OWL/WDTD workshop, where students are put in front of AWIPS II equipped computers at the Warning Decision Training Division’s computer lab at the NWC, and tasked with issuing severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings for real past severe weather outbreaks!  These workshops are designed to be hands on teaching experiences, with students actively learning and utilizing forecasting skills during the workshop.
    • OWL is a student run, student oriented organization, which looks to help offer students all of the incredible opportunities available at the National Weather Center.  We hope you’ll join us in making the study of meteorology accessible to everyone!

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  • OU SCANThe purpose of this organization is to provide educational, professional, social, and service opportunities for University of Oklahoma students interested in meteorology. The organization is also meant to provide community awareness regarding the weather. The main purpose is to have meetings that provide these services for students in meteorology, through speakers from the meteorology community and other activities. Learn more about OU SCAN at their website:
  • Student Affairs Committee (SAC):
    The purpose of the Student Affairs Committee is to first ensure formal, continual communication between faculty and students regarding School of Meteorology and its parent College issues of direct importance to both undergraduate and graduate meteorology students. In addition, the Committee represents student opinions at faculty meetings and allow student input on appropriate issues, including, curricula changes, doctoral examination procedures, degree requirements, computing, and School of Meteorology outreach. The Committee is comprised of both graduate and undergraduate students who are elected each academic year. Recent accomplishments include working with the School of Meteorology to ensure graduate stipend rates are competitive amongst other atmospheric science programs and successfully advocating for a campus bus stop in front of the National Weather Center. Inquires regarding the Student Affairs Committee can be directed to
    Help Desk: The Student Affairs Committee supports a graduate-student staffed Help Desk for undergraduate students. Help Desk is open to all students who are enrolled in meteorology undergraduate courses (both major and non-major). Currently, Help Desk is staffed from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. on Monday-Thursday evenings and 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings. If you have questions regarding Help Desk, please contact