The Fall 2018 Graduate Application is still open, please apply soon.
Please complete the application at the link below and provide requested documents as soon as possible.

Use this form to receive a rapid, no-cost response on the prospect of admittance to the School of Meteorology graduate program. Fill out and complete the form – along with copies of unoffical transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended (e.g., universities, colleges, community colleges, academies) and one letter of recomendation– to The letter of recomendation should be emailed separately to

Knowledge Expectations: Incoming graduate students at the School of Meteorology are normally expected to have a working knowledge of calculus, calculus-based physics, vector analysis, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, statistics, and computer programming (e.g. Unix and either Fortran or C). A course(s) in dynamic meteorology and/or fluid mechanics/dynamics is considered quite useful. In recent years, students have been accepted with Bachelor’s degrees in meteorology, atmospheric sciences, mathematics, physics and engineering. Due to these diverse backgrounds, some students may need to complete courses on prerequisite material. Such classes are usually taken during the first year and do not typically translate into an increase in the time needed to complete the degree. In particular, please note that a course in Partial Differential Equations (or equivalent coursework, such as in a course on Mathematical Methods for Physicists) is a prerequisite for one of the core classes, METR 5113, Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics 1. For further information on course prerequisites, please consult the course listings or contact the appropriate course instructor.

This document is not the official graduate admissions form for the University of Oklahoma. To proceed with the application process after receiving a response from the School of Meteorology, the applicant should formally apply for admission to the Graduate College through the Office of Admissions and Records: At that time, the applicant will be asked to have three letters of reference sent to the University, the letter submitted with the Rapid Response can serve as one of the three letters.