AMS Freshman Scholarship Winner 2018 – Mya Sears

AMS Freshman Scholarship Winner 2018 – Mya Sears

In the academic year 2018-2019, the School of Meteorology was privileged to have Mya Sears, one of the freshmen honored by the AMS (American Meteorological Society) commit to OU. After being recognized by AMS as an outstanding student in the meteorology field, Sears reflects on her first year at OU.

After researching other schools’ programs, she knew that OU would be her new home:

“When I figured out that I wanted to major in meteorology, I did a whole bunch of google searches to find schools that offered a meteorology program. OU consistently came up in the top few, which initially sparked my interest.”

She had a smooth transition from high school to college, but the social life was a lot to take in.

“I loved being immediately surrounded by opportunities, new friends, and freedoms that I had not had before,” she said. “The workload was also very similar to that of high school. However, I felt the need to be involved in everything right away, which overwhelmed me and caused me to take on a bit too many activities. I’ve learned a lot about how to prioritize and budget my time.”

While Sears is a stellar student, her interests reach beyond the walls of the National Weather Center.

“Outside of meteorology, I’m a volunteer barista at Second Wind Coffeehouse, violist, Spanish minor, math nerd (and minor), amateur bagel connoisseur, and a biking enthusiast. More than anything, I love to be outside and around people!”

Sears dreams of broadening her horizons and learning more as she progresses through the program.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunities I will find at the National Weather Center, studying abroad, meeting new people, strengthening the friendships I’ve already made, trying new activities, and taking fascinating courses,” she said. “I’m altogether very excited about my next few years here, and can’t wait to see what they have in store!”

We are so excited that Mya Sears decided to join our meteorology family, and we wish her continued success in all her endeavors!