2017-2018 AMS Freshman Scholarship Winners Reflect on Their First Year

In academic year 2017-2018, the School of Meteorology was privileged to have four of the AMS (American Meteorological Society) Freshman Scholarship winners commit to OU for their Bachelor’s degrees. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring each of these students; learning about them and their experience during their first year as OU Meteorology students.

Our first student is Jacob Genuise. Jacob is from Little Elm, Texas and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology. In addition to academics, he is involved in Honors College Informal Reading Groups, Camp Impact, and serves as the Vice President of Alpha Lambda Delta.

He has been given many opportunities in the school, with his biggest highlight being working for the Oklahoma Mesonet.

“I have been fortunate enough to find employment as a student operator with the Oklahoma Mesonet. Through on-the-job training at this position, I have learned so much about how we measure, interpret, and store various meteorological measurements. I would have never had this opportunity  if I did not go to OU.”

The transition from high school to college academically can sometimes prove challenging to students. For Jacob, things were easier thanks to his high school training.

“My transition was not terribly challenging academically. This is due in large part to the fact that my High school offered fairly rigorous courses that prepared me for a higher workload. College allows much more down time because you only have a couple classes a day in contrast to the 8+ hour school-day in high-school.  This means that if you are able to manage your time in a somewhat efficient way, getting the work done is not too much of an issue.”

At first, Jacob didn’t have any intentions to come to OU. After visiting one of the School’s Summer Met Days though, he realized the School of Meteorology had everything he wanted. The School’s Summer Met Days are open to high school students to come and visit the facilities and learn more about the opportunities the School of Meteorology and the University of Oklahoma have to offer. Registration is currently open for 2018, and you can sign up at this link: Summer Visitation Days Signup

“Oddly enough, when I began the college search OU was not even on my radar (pun intended). I’m from Dallas and I really wanted to head north to escape the summer heat. However, after visiting the weather center during one of the School Of Meteorology Summer Visitation days and then taking a tour of campus, I was sold. Combining the truly world-class educational and professional opportunities housed within the NWC with a beautiful campus and friendly feel, I realized OU has everything I could have ever asked for in a University. After spending my first year here, I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Being in the National Weather Center presents many opportunities for students. For Jacob, it’s the awe of walking into such a fantastic building every day to study and learn.

“Hands down the best part of being a Meteorology major is the National Weather Center. The opportunities available for Meteorology majors at OU is immense and growing. When you get to come to class and walk into a world-renowned hub of meteorology like the National Weather Center, you feel motivated and inspired by the amazing work being done all around you.”

Jacob recommends students try to get involved with clubs and organizations within the School of Meteorology to help make the transition from high school to college easier. He also says the people here at OU are one of the best things about choosing to put on the crimson and cream.

“The people, both students and staff, at this university are fantastic. My first year at OU has been amazing due in large part to the friends I have made this year.  I have met friends this past year who have changed my life for the better and I owe it to this University. Boomer Sooner!

We are so glad Jacob chose the School of Meteorology at OU and we wish him the best over the next few years in the program!