Does the department have personal web space available?

Simple answer: Yes.

So how do I go about accessing my personal web space?

When a new account is created for a School of Meteorology user, a directory on the web hosting machine is created. It is then linked to the user home directory of the user and is accessible on any of the Linux lab and Apple lab machines local in the NWC. Users can access their web space remotely by connection to machines in the Linux Lab. In each user account, there is a directory named http. Placing html and php files in this directory and any subsequent sub folder will allow web access to those files.

How to I make a simple html page?

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a switched language. That means you turn features on and off using a switch. An example of a basic html file is as follows:

This will produce a simple webpage that has a title for the browser and a simple text line of welcome.

What is the URL for accessing my personal web space?

The URL for any individual user is as follows:[usesrname] where username is your assigned login name (without the brackets) given to you when you got your account. Remember that the tilda (~) in front of the username is important.

OK, I have put a few files there and I still do not see my website. What’s up with that?

Well, in order for a file to be seen, one of two things need to true:
1. Your main (or home) page should be called index.html
2. Any other file name and you need to use the full name and text in the URL: