Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics I

August 21, 2017
MWF 1:00-1:50
METR 5113.001


Shapiro, Alan
Professor; American Airlines Professor; President's Associates Presidential Professor


National Weather Center, Room 5930, 120 David L. Boren Blvd, Norman, OK   View map


Fall 2017






METR 5113 Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics I Fall 2017, MWF 1:00-1:50 pm

National Weather Center (NWC), Room 5930


Alan Shapiro

office: National Weather Center, room 5423 phone: 325-6097

email: (best way to reach me – I read it many times a day)

Office hours:

MW 2 – 4pm

Additional office hours upon request – just ask! You can also drop by my office anytime and see if I’m free. I’m usually not here early in the mourning (er, morning).

Required text:

Kundu, P. K. and Cohen, I. M., 2002: Fluid Mechanics (well, any edition will do).

Recommended texts:

A list of references and suggested readings will be distributed on the first day of class.

Class Notes:

Class notes will be posted online at:


MATH 4163 (Partial Differential Equations) or equivalent coursework.


2 in-class exams (30 % each)

Final exam (40 %). OU has scheduled the final exam for Thursday, 14 Dec., 8 – 10 am

List of topics:

Vector and Cartesian tensor analysis. Lagrangian and Eulerian viewpoints. Streamlines and trajectories. Forces. Mass conservation. Useful flow decompositions. Potential theory and applications. Bernoulli’s equation and applications. Navier-Stokes equations and some exact solutions. Kinematics of vorticity and circulation. Vorticity dynamics. Geostrophic flow. Thermal wind. Ekman layer. Rossby waves. Linear gravity waves. Shallow water and deep water limits.

Group velocity. Internal gravity waves.

Students with disabilities:

The University of Oklahoma is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for all students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who require accommodations in this course should contact me as early in the semester as possible. Students with disabilities must be registered with the Disability Resource Center prior to receiving accommodations in this course.