Advanced Dynamics II

January 17, 2017
TR 11:30-12:45
METR 5123.001


Shapiro, Alan
Professor; American Airlines Professor; President's Associates Presidential Professor


National Weather Center, Room 5930, 120 David L. Boren Blvd, Norman, OK 73072   View map


Spring 2017


TR 11:30 am – 12:45 pm
National Weather Center, room 5930

Alan Shapiro, National Weather Center, room 5423 phone: 325-6097 e-mail:

Office hours:
TR, 1-3 pm. Extra hours available upon request — or just drop by and see if I’m free. I’m usually
not here much in the mourning, er morning.

Required texts: None. But my notes will be made available prior to each class.

Recommended texts:
Chandrasekhar, S. 1962: Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability. Dover. Gill, A. E., 1982:
Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics. Academic Press.
Kundu, and Cohen, 2008: Fluid Mechanics. Academic Press.
A more extensive list of suggested reading/references will be distributed in class.

– METR 5113 (Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics I) or equivalent.
– Working knowledge of advanced calculus, differential equations (odes and pdes)

– Mid-term exam @ 30 %
– Final exam (not comprehensive) @ 35 %
– Class presentation/lecture on baroclinic instability @ 35 % (tag-team presentation)

Topics (tentative):
Dimensional analysis, plumes and thermals, thermal instability, centrifugal instability,
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, Instability theorems of Squire, Rayleigh and Fjortoft, katabatic
flows, low-level jets, shallow water theory, Poincare and Kelvin waves, nonlinear steepening,
Stokes drift, internal gravity waves, mountain waves, internal wave reflections from mountains, WKB
approximation, method of stationary phase, hydraulic jumps and bores, baroclinic instability.

The University of Oklahoma is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for all students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who require accommodations in this course should speak with the professor as early in the semester as possible. Students with disabilities must be registered with the Disability Resource Center prior to receiving accommodations in this course.