Weather Briefing

January 17, 2017
MW 1:00-1:40
METR 4491.001


Cavallo, Steven
Associate Professor


National Weather Center, Room 5600, 120 David L. Boren Blvd, Norman, OK 73072   View map


Spring 2017

Time: Monday and Wednesday 1:00-1:40
Room: NWC 5600
Instructor: Cavallo

Office: NWC 5349

Office hours: My office door is usually open, or email me for an appointment Phone: 325-2439 Email:

Course web site:

Course meeting time and location

Monday and Wednesday, 1-1:40 pm in NWC 5600.

Course Prerequisite:

Grade of C or better in METR 3113 and METR 3213.

Course goals and description

This one-credit-hour course for meteorology majors aims to help students learn to prepare and present a daily weather briefing. Briefings will demonstrate the ability to synthesize weather in- formation on all scales, prepare a forecast and communicate this clearly and succinctly to an audience. Guidelines for weather briefings will be provided, and will be taught throughout the semester. Weather briefings should be a discussion that encourages audience participation, debate, and questions.

Required course materials

None. Briefings can primarily be web-based, and relevant web links will be provided throughout the semester.

Class format

Monday’s class time will be reserved for registered students to practice weather briefings. Each student will be required to prepare and lead at least one Monday weather briefing on their own, and one with a group of up to 3 students; the date of this presentation will be pre-assigned. Depending on class size, students may have the opportunity to present an additional weather briefing. Since a course goal is to improve oral communication skills, students will be asked to provide written critiques of weather briefings given by both themselves and other students.

Wednesday’s class time will generally be used for students to observe guest weather briefings. These will be open for anyone in the National Weather Center to attend or participate. Although registered students are not required to lead a weather briefing during a Wednesday class time, at- tendance is required. These weather briefings are intended to provide students with useful examples

of professional weather briefings. Graduate students have the option to lead a Wednesday briefing with the permission of the instructor, which will replace one of their required Monday briefings.


This is a pass/fail course (S/U). The MINIMUM conditions for passing are listed on the following page. You may lead more weather briefings if there is availability.

Minimum requirements for satisfactory (S) credit:

If you are enrolled in METR 4491:If you are enrolled in METR 5491:
•  3 group1 Monday briefings

•  3 individual Monday briefings

•  3 group1 Monday briefings

•  3 individual Monday briefings


•  2 group1 Monday briefings

•  2 individual Monday briefings

•  1 individual Wednesday briefing2

•  No more than 2 absences (Monday and Wednesday class times). Arriving more than 10 minutes late for class will be counted as an absence.
•  Participation by providing written critiques to the presenter of all Monday weather briefings using the Oral Presentation Rubric handout as a guide3.
  • No more than 3 students per
  • Must have approval by
  • You are excused from providing a critique if you are absent

University  Policies

Academic  Integrity:

Cheating is strictly prohibited at the University of Oklahoma, because it devalues the degree you are working hard to get. As a member of the OU community it is your responsibility to protect your educational investment by knowing and following the rules. For specific definitions on what constitutes cheating, review the Student’s Guide to Academic Integrity at

To be successful in this class, all work must be yours and yours alone. In group work, you MUST actively engage with group members and contribute to your group’s preparation and presentation. Your individual student weather briefings MUST be prepared by you. You may seek outside help in preparing a weather briefing, but you must present it and provide credits to others where appro- priate. Should you see someone else engaging in academic misconduct, I encourage you to report it to myself or directly to the Office of Academic Integrity Programs. That student is devaluing not only their degree, but yours, too. Be aware that it is my professional obligation to report aca- demic misconduct, which I will not hesitate to do. Sanctions for academic misconduct can include

expulsion from the University and a failing/unsatisfactory grade (U) in this course, so don’t cheat. It’s simply not worth it.

Religious Observance:

It is the policy of the University to excuse the absences of students that result from religious obser- vances and to reschedule examinations and additional required classwork that may fall on religious holidays, without penalty.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy:

Students requiring academic accommodation should contact the Disability Resource Center for as- sistance at (405) 325-3852 or TDD: (405) 325-4173. For more information please see the Disability Resource Center website Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him or her from fully demonstrating his or her abilities should contact me personally as soon as possible so we can discuss accommodations necessary to ensure full participation and facilitate your educational opportunities.

Title IX Resources and Reporting Requirements:

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Adjustments for Pregnancy/Childbirth Related Issues:

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