Climate Scientist

Climate Scientist
Melbourne – CBD & inner suburbs
$78,686 to $89,463 pa, plus 15.4% superannuation

The Bureau undertakes research in fulfilment of its responsibilities as
a national research agency, contributing to the development of weather
and climate applications for the needs of the Australian community,
supporting the Bureau’s operational services, and advancing
meteorological and earth system science in Australia and globally.
The Science to Services Program carries out the majority of research and
development activities in the Bureau, covering the broad fields of
weather, climate, oceanography, earth systems modelling, and applications.

The Climate Research Section focuses more specifically on climate
projections, climate dynamics and feedbacks, intra-seasonal to decadal
predictability, climate model assessment, and prediction products and
verification. Much of the research and development work is carried out
on high performance computing (HPC) platforms at the Bureau and the
National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), based at the Australian
National University.

The Climate Research Section of the Science to Services Program is
seeking an outstanding climate scientist to conduct climate research to
improve understanding of past and future climate change, climate
variability and extremes in the Australian region. You will be a member
of a small team that contributes to research programmes including
national and state government climate research programmes. The team
conducts research to determine the underlying causes of observed weather
and climate variability and to determine likely future changes to climate.

You will conduct research, both independently and under guidance, into
climate change and weather variability, and analyse observational data
and global-scale gridded reanalyses and climate model output using a
variety of sophisticated statistical techniques. Additionally, you will
be expected to contribute to developing the methods to describe the link
between changes in the weather and subsequent impacts.

You will need to have:
* a very good understanding of meteorology, climate variability and
climate change in the Australian region and beyond. This includes
understanding of weather features such as fronts, major factors
influencing Australian climate, including ENSO and the enhanced
greenhouse effect;
* strong programming skills, including extensive experience with UNIX,
and with scientific and visualisation and statistical languages such as
Python, R, NCL.
* flexibility to work effectively and productively as a member of a
team, and an ability to plan and undertake research and to publish
research results, in the international peer-reviewed literature, of
relevance to the Bureau’s mission, and to contribute to the milestone
reports for external stakeholders; and
The duties will involve close collaboration with scientific and
technical staff in the Climate Research Section. Experience liaising
effectively with external stakeholders or the potential to do so is an

The applicant will need to have an excellent knowledge of weather and
climate variability and climate change in the Australian region, the
ability to devise, test and publish research in the international
peer-reviewed literature, the ability to meet deadlines, work
effectively as part of a small team, and have extensive experience in
programming in a UNIX environment and in the use of scientific
visualisation tools. The position will involve close collaboration with
other scientific and technical staff in the Bureau and other agencies.

The occupant will report to the DELWP Climate Research Project lead in
the Climate Processes Team within the Climate Research Section.

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