Funded Graduate Student Opportunities at the University of Texas at Austin

The following projects offer funded graduate student positions available for Fall 2021. We welcome inquiries
and applications from prospective graduate students. Note: GRE scores are not required.  Application information
and submissions at <>

For more detail on the projects and qualifications, please contact the professor who leads the project.

Research Areas: Aerosol impacts on global-scale climate and hydrologic cycle changes and their implications
for societal decision-making
Faculty Member: Geeta Persad,
Recruiting up to 3 Masters or Ph.D. students

Research areas: Regional North Atlantic and Arctic ocean-sea ice modeling; data assimilation; uncertainty
quantification; optimal observing system design
Faculty member: Patrick Heimbach, <>
Program website: <>

Research areas: Modeling and analysis of tropical precipitating systems; African climate change
and variability

Faculty member: Kerry Cook, <>
Recruiting up to two Ph.D. students

To apply for this job please visit