Graduate Student Opportunities in Arctic Paleoclimatology

Graduate Student Opportunities in Arctic Paleoclimatology, University at Buffalo and Northern Arizona University, starting Summer or Fall 2021

Patterns and processes of rapid Arctic warming based on paleoclimate observations and models

We are seeking up to four graduate students (MS and/or Ph.D.) to join our interdisciplinary team to understand the spatial patterns and processes controlling rapid warming events in the Arctic. This NSF-funded project will use a combination of high-resolution proxy record generation, proxy data synthesis, and climate modeling. There are opportunities to participate in semester-long exchanges between institutions, and in outreach activities in Buffalo and Flagstaff. We are looking for highly motivated students with excellent communication skills in English (written and oral), and with experience with, or a strong interest in developing skills in, numerical modeling and scientific programming skills. We encourage candidates from groups underrepresented in the geosciences (including, but not limited to, black, indigenous, and people of color) to apply; we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all team members. Further information at <> or email <> and/or <>.

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