Post Doc Position

Forestry Faculty of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

A 2-year Postdoc position is available at the Department of Forest
Ecology and Management, SLU, to investigate the carbon dioxide and
methane fluxes over a managed boreal forest landscape based on tall
tower eddy covariance measurements.

Project overview

The project focuses on exploring tall tower eddy covariance (EC) data of
CO_2 , CH_4 and H_2 O fluxes across a 68km^2 forest catchment (ongoing
since 2016). This work takes advantage of the ICOS-Svartberget tall
tower infrastructure (
<>) which provides
additional data of atmospheric GHG concentration gradients along a 150m
tower and all relevant meteorological and environmental variables.
Combined with a stream monitoring network to quantify aquatic GHG fluxes
across the Krycklan catchment (
<>), this allows for quantifying and
investigating the full C and GHG balances and their primary controls at
the landscape scale for a typical managed forest catchment in boreal
Sweden. The successful candidate will be mainly responsible for
processing and interpreting these tall tower eddy covariance data and
for publishing findings in relevant high-rank scientific journals.

This project is part of a larger research framework in which a team of
five postdoctoral fellows will jointly explore and integrate terrestrial
and aquatic fluxes of C and GHGs from plot to regional scales in the
boreal region of Northern Sweden. For this purpose, the postdoc team
will make use a unique set up that integrates the well-established SITES
research infrastructure of the Degerö and Krycklan catchments
( <>) with the ICOS-Degerö
and ICOS-Svartberget flux stations (
<>) and Svartberget Experimental Forests
where research related to catchment hydrology, biogeochemistry and
forestry has been carried out for several decades. These excellent
research infrastructures include permanently employed and skilled
technical staff, 8 eddy covariance sites, >500 forest inventory plots,
16 long-term monitored streams and high-resolution Lidar scans which
altogether provide valuable data to estimate terrestrial and aquatic C
fluxes across two typical boreal catchments. Combined with tall tower EC
and atmospheric concentration records to support inverse modeling, this
provides exceptional resources for investigating and linking boreal C
and GHG dynamics and their underlying drivers spanning from the plot to
the regional scale. Throughout the entire project, the postdoctoral
fellows will closely collaborate in their research activities to create
new knowledge by bridging the various spatial scales. Thus, this project
offers ample possibilities for scientific interactions and career


• The candidate must have a PhD awarded in the fields of environmental
sciences, ecology, physical geography or any other closely related subject

• Demonstrated experience with eddy covariance data and
micrometeorological theory including data processing and interpretation
is required

• The candidate must be able to independently conduct field work, which
also requires a driver’s license valid in Sweden.

• The candidate must be fluent in English to be able to write,
communicate and interact in an English-speaking environment.

• The candidate must have documented experience in writing and
publishing scientific articles

• Experience in either one or more of the following is considered a
merit: carbon cycle research in boreal landscapes (i.e. forests,
peatlands and aquatic systems), eddy covariance measurements with a tall
tower and/or in complex terrain, flux footprint modeling, skills in GIS,
logger programming and/or in the handling and processing of large,
multiple-source, data sets

Place of work: The postdoc location is at the Forestry Faculty of the
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Department of Forest
Ecology & Management, in Umeå, Sweden.

Starting date: spring/summer 2019

To apply:

Please send aCV, publication list, PhD diploma, copies of up to three
relevant publications and a motivation letter (max. 2 pages) outlining
previous research, current research interests and other activities of
relevance for the position. Names and contact information of at least
two reference persons are also required. All application documents
should be written in English. Please submit your application in
electronic form to Matthias Peichl (
<>). Reviewing of applications will start
on December 3 and will continue until a suitable candidate is found.

For further information about the position and the project please contact:

Matthias Peichl; Associate Professor, Dept. of Forest Ecology &
Management, SLU, <>

Mats Nilsson; Professor, Dept. of Forest Ecology & Management, SLU, <>

Hjalmar Laudon; Professor, Dept. of Forest Ecology & Management, SLU, <>

To apply for this job email your details to