Postdoctoral Opportunities in Department of Meteorology at Naval Postgraduate School

The Clouds and Remote Sensing (CaRS) group at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California, is seeking two postdoctoral associates to support the group’s reimbursable funded research program. Because NPS is a Federal institution, interested applicants will apply through the National Research Council (NRC) Research Associateship Programs (RAP). The two opportunities are described below, and links to each opportunity online are highlighted:

1) Applying Machine Learning to Satellite Data: The associate will integrate emulated passive microwave products that are derived from geostationary satellite data into the Navy’s GeoIPS satellite data processing system. The associate would work with advisers at NPS and collaborators at the nearby Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to develop, train, and validate a neural network capable of predicting passive microwave brightness temperatures and uncertainty in those predictions using geostationary satellite radiances. After a successful neural network is developed, new synthetic data products will be ingested into the Navy’s next-generation data assimilation system. The project is led by Dr. Marko Orescanin ( in the Dept. of Computer Science at NPS, and the associate would be co-advised by both he and Dr. Scott Powell (, the CaRS group leader.

2) Convective Cloud Processes and Precipitation: The associate will analyze radar and satellite observations, in situ aircraft data, rawinsonde data and execute numerical modeling experiments in support of a planned field experiment in the Monterey Bay area in early 2022. The associate may be responsible during the field experiment for aiding in forecasting and planning, launching weather balloons, serving as the flight scientist on the NPS Twin Otter, or advising radar operations. The research will explore mechanisms that govern the growth of shallow convection in wintertime post-frontal environments. The project is led by Dr. Scott Powell (, and the associate would be co-advised by both he and Dr. John Peters (, also in the Department of Meteorology.

Initial funding for NRC postdocs is provided for 1 year and may be extended for a second year if performance is satisfactory. More information about the process of applying for an NRC research opportunity can be found at the RAP website. Base salary and moving expenses are listed on the pages linked above for each opportunity. While the exact start dates are negotiable, we are interested in adding to our research teams as early as possible in 2021; therefore, interested applicants are encouraged to submit applications through the NRC website by the 1 February 2021 deadline. Interested parties for either opportunity are encouraged to directly contact advisers listed above for more information before applying on the NRC website.

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