Postdoctoral Researcher Assistant

The Large-scale dynamics and general circulation group at the Department of Climate and Space Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan are seeking qualified applicants for a two-year postdoctoral researcher assistant. We are seeking motivated candidates with a strong background in tropical atmospheric dynamics. Candidates should have a strong foundation in tropical dynamical meteorology and statistical techniques that are used to analyze observational and model data.

The successful applicant will engage with the PI (Á. F. Adames) in furthering our understanding of “rotational tropical disturbances“, which includes easterly waves, equatorial Rossby waves, and monsoon low-pressure systems. The postdoc will use novel theoretical considerations along with statistical techniques to understand the processes that lead to precipitation in these systems and how they interact with the large-scale circulation.


·         Ph.D. in atmospheric science or related discipline

·         Familiarity with tropical meteorology

·         Strong record of research


·         Strong background in mathematics

·         Experience with linear regression and compositing

·         Communication skills

To apply for this job please visit