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The Cyprus Institute is recruiting five (5) Post-doctoral Research
Fellows and five (5) Research Assistants under the framework of the
EMME-CARE project.

Host Institution

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is a non-profit research and educational
institution with a strong scientific and technological orientation,
emphasizing international collaborations, cross-disciplinary research,
innovation, and post graduate education. CyI, through its established
research centers, addresses challenging issues that are important at
both the regional and international levels. Many of its research
activities are being carried out in partnership with leading
institutions in the respective thematic areas.

EMME-CARE Research Centre

The current position(s) are opened in the framework of the EU H2020
project “EMME-CARE” (Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Climate and
Atmosphere Research Centre; TEAMING Grant no. 856612;
<>). EMME-CARE aims to establish in the next
seven (7) years a “Centre of Excellence” in Climate and Atmosphere
research for the EMME region in cooperation with EU Advanced Partners
(Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Germany; University of Helsinki
in Finland; and CEA in France).

The Environmental Prediction Department (EPD), under the EMME-CARE
project will provide essential insights into key processes of the Earth
System that govern regional climate change, to analyse weather extremes,
air quality deterioration, dust events, and their connections to the
hydrologic cycle, consisting of the:

Model Development and Forecasting Unit, responsible for numerical
modelling and data analysis, the development of process
parameterisations, the optimisation of computer codes for the latest
generation High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, and the
pursuit of forecasting applications
Earth System Analysis Unit, pursuing the chain of knowledge from
processes to impacts, through the analysis of observations, model
studies that focus on system understanding and feedback mechanisms,
scenario calculations, climate change downscaling for the EMME and
Cyprus, and impact assessments.

Research Topics

The selected candidate(s) will contribute to the research objectives of
the Environmental Prediction Department, within the framework of the
H2020 EMME-CARE and other related national (AQ-SERVE, CELSIUS,
SUSTURBANCLIM) and international (ACCEPT) projects in:

Atmospheric and climate/earth system modelling and analysis tools
Emission inventories, modelling and analysis
Dynamical downscaling of climate change and weather extremes
Modelling and analysis of the urban environment
Air quality and dust modelling and forecasting
Air pollution and climate change health impacts

Deadline for applications is Wednesday, September 11, 2019. For further
information and applications visit <>