Two Earth System Modeling postdocs

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University of Arizona seeks two Earth System Modeling postdocs

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed until both positions
are filled

One position will focus on global atmospheric processes; e.g.,
aerosol-cloud-meteorology interactions; dynamics-physics (cloud
microphysics, shallow convection, and atmospheric boundary layer)
coupling; subseasonal-to-seasonal forecasting improvement.

The other will focus on land processes; e.g., hybrid 3-D hydrological
modeling for Earth system models; role of soil moisture and temperature
as well as vegetation in land-atmosphere interaction; land model
improvement (including snowpack modeling).

Both positions are in the Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions group, led
by Prof. Xubin Zeng (<>). Besides
contributing to existing projects, candidates are also encouraged to
pursue curiosity-driven research that is loosely related to existing
diverse projects.

Details here: <>