Meteorology Freshman Present FYRE Research

Wednesday afternoon, three freshmen got their first taste of presenting scientific research at the FYRE poster session. FYRE, or First Year Research Experience, is a program that was designed to provide research opportunities undergraduate students at the University of Oklahoma. Originally a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry initiative, the program has now partnered with the Honors College and extended to include many STEM departments across campus. According to their website, through the FYRE program students “gain perspectives about research and mentoring for developing their career plan.” The program also provides a “safe, constructive, instructive and immersive experience in experimental research, and a gateway to understanding scientific research, in its many manifestations, as a possible professional/career path.” They also hope to create “nucleus of undergraduate researchers to increase the overall numbers of OU STEM majors, graduates, and professionals.” Students also receive college credit for completing the program.

This year, three Meteorology majors participated in the FYRE program – Connor Bruce, who was mentored by Dr. Dave Parsons, the Director of the School of Meteorology; Dzuy Nguyen, who was mentored by Dr. Ben Schenkel, research scientist for the School of Meteorology and CIMMS; and Ariel Jacobs, mentored by Dr. Phil Chilson, CASS director and professor in the School of Meteorology. Congratulations to all of these students and their mentors – we look forward to seeing more collaborations in the future!