The School of Meteorology has 25 full time faculty members covering various aspects of the atmospheric sciences. The School has 33 adjunct and affiliate faculty members (adjunct and affiliate policy can be found here) with the largest number associated with NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory. We have a diverse array of students from around the globe including the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Norway, and Serbia. We currently have 91 graduate students and 280 undergraduate students. Our regular and emeritus faculty includes 5 endowed chairs and professorship, six Presidential Professors; three Regents Professors; three George Lynn Cross Research Professors; two Emeritus GLC Professors; one Dean; two past Presidents of the American Meteorological Society; two OU Vice Presidents (Research and Weather and Climate).


Guifu Zhang


McFarquhar, Greg

Professor; Director of CIMMS

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Nuzzo, Marisa

Student Media Assistant

Dahlgren, Julie

Assistant to the Director

Flynn, Connor

Senior Research Associate

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Graduate Students

Dickinson, Ty

M.S. Student

Miller, Rachel

Ph.D. Student

Tinney, Emily

M.S. Student

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Adjunct Faculty

Brooks, Harold

Adjunct Professor

Wicker, Louis

Adjunct Professor

Grams, Heather

Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Emeritus Faculty