The well known research expertise in the School of Meteorology is the study of convective storms and mesoscale circulations utilizing high-resolution modeling and observational analysis including advanced radar systems and ground-based remote sensing. An outside review of the School during its last Academic Performance Review placed the School as a world-leading institution in these areas. This excellence is based on the close proximity and collaboration with the University’s research centers, the Climate Science Center and the National Severe Storms Laboratory. However, the research portfolio of the School has broadened in recent years to include topics ranging from polar meteorology to climate variations and atmospheric chemistry. Please see the link below for a series of slides describing our research.


Research Centers

The National Weather Center houses a unique confederation of University of Oklahoma, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and state organizations that work together in partnership to improve understanding of events occurring in Earth’s atmosphere over a wide range of time and space.

Research Groups

Research groups in the School of Meteorology include faculty and current graduate students studying a wide variety of topics in atmospheric sciences.

Faculty Research

List of Faculty Research topic areas and the faculty members associated with each one.