Areas of Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty Research

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Applied Climatology and MeteorologyMcPherson, Fiebrich

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality – Hu, Pillar-Little,

Atmospheric Dynamics – Koch,

Boundary-Layer Meteorology – Hu, Pillar-Little,

Climate Variability and Change – MacGorman, McPherson,

Climatology of severe weatherBrooks

Cloud MicrophysicsJung,

Cloud Physics and Lightning – MacGorman

ConvectionClark, Potvin, Yussouf, Coniglio, Wicker, Skinner

Data Assimilation – Brewster, Jung, MacGorman, Potvin, Yussouf, Wicker, Gao, Skinner

Decision AnalysisBrooks

Ensemble Forecasting – Brewster, ClarkJung, Potvin, Yussouf, Skinner

Forecast evaluationBrooks, Skinner

Hydrology and Water SecurityHong,

Hydrometeorology – Gourley, Hong,

Instrumentation: Illston

Land-Air-Vegetation InteractionsMcPherson, Pillar-Little,

Machine Learning Methods – McGovern, Potvin

Mesoscale Meteorology – Clark, Coniglio, HeinselmanJung, Koch, MacGorman, McPherson, Fiebrich, Gao, Skinner

Meteorological Observing SystemsBrewster, Yussouf, Illston, Fiebrich

Numerical Weather Prediction – BrewsterClark, ConiglioHu, Jung, Koch, MacGorman, Potvin, Yussouf, Wicker, Gao, Skinner

Observation systemsBrewster, Illston

Radar Meteorology – Gourley, HeinselmanJung, Koch, Gao

Radar Remote Sensing – Hong,

Renewable Energy ForecastingBrewster

Societal Impacts of Climate and WeatherMcPherson,

Societal impacts of severe weatherBrooks

Surface Observing SystemsMcPherson,

Urban MeteorologyHu, Illston

Water-related Hazards ModelingHong, Gourley

Water Resource EngineeringHong