Advanced Radar Research Center


The ARRC resides in the state-of-the-art Radar Innovations Laboratory – a 35,000-sqft working laboratory dedicated to innovations in radar technology and science. With strong support from the university administration, the ARRC is quickly becoming known as the go to place for all things radar!


Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms


CAPS’s mission is to develop and demonstrate techniques for the numerical analysis and prediction of high-impact local weather and environmental conditions, with emphasis on the assimilation of observations from Doppler radars and other advanced in-situ and remote sensing systems.

Cooperative Institute for Severe and High-Impact Weather Research and Operations


The Cooperative Institute for High-Impact Weather Research and Operations is a research organization created in 1978 by a cooperative agreement between the University of Oklahoma and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. CIWRO promotes collaborative research between NOAA and OU scientists on problems of mutual interest to improve basic understanding of mesoscale meteorological phenomena, weather radar, and regional climate to help produce better forecasts and warnings that save lives and property. CIWRO research contributes to the NOAA mission through improvement of the observation, analysis, understanding, and prediction of weather elements and systems and climate anomalies ranging in size from cloud nuclei to multi-state areas.

Oklahoma Climatological Survey


The Oklahoma Climatological Survey was established by the State Legislature in 1980 to provide climate services to the people of Oklahoma. The Survey maintains an extensive array of climatological information, operates the Oklahoma Mesonet, and hosts a wide variety of educational outreach and scientific research projects.

Center for Spatial Analysis


The Center for Spatial Analysis (CSA) at the University of Oklahoma is a multidisciplinary university research center specializing in the study and application of geospatial science and technology. CSA is composed of three working units that focus on research and development, outreach and training, and applications and services. Through efforts in each of these units CSA seeks to advance the geospatial vision of the university and contribute to education, research, and economic development in the State of Oklahoma.