School of Meteorology Graduate Students become Award Winners at 2019 AMS

School of Meteorology Graduate Students become Award Winners at 2019 AMS

Graduate students Bo Huang and Xu Lu came home as award-winning researchers after this year’s American Meteorological Society (AMS) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Both students are a part of the MAP (Multiscale data Assimilation and Predictability) Lab, a research group here in the School of Meteorology led by Dr Xuguang Wang.

Bo Huang was selected as the winner of the Best Student Presentation for his presentation titled “Impact of Scale-Dependent Localization with and without Cross-Band Correlation on Hurricane Track Forecasts in the FV3GFS 4DEnVar System”.

This is Huang’s first oral presentation award. He said, ” I feel so honored to receive this award from the AMS, and I also want to thank my advisor Dr. Xuguang Wang and the School for supporting me to attend the AMS and share my work with others. ”

Xu Lu is the recipient of the AMS Travel Award for his presentation titled “Impact of Vortex Relocation Strategies on Hurricane Inner-Core Data Assimilation and Prediction in the HWRF EnVar DA System”.

Both presenters have attended AMS multiple times. As many meteorologists do, they started preparing for this year’s AMS conference about seven months ago. This annual conference provides a unique environment for learning and sharing the latest developments in individual and group research.

Lu told us, ” Presenting at AMS provides us not only a way to show our works to other research communities, but also gives us a chance to communicate with the others in exchanging ideas, science and concerns about what we are doing.”

The AMS conference brings people from all fields of study to one place. Meteorologists from all over the United States and all over the world gather to discuss new findings.

Huang said, “I always like to share my work with others even from different fields. It inspires me to think and develop new ideas. Presenting at the AMS is a good opportunity for such a purpose by meeting and talking with people from different background and different countries.”

We are incredibly proud of these amazing accomplishments! Congratulations Bo and Xu!

(Xu pictured on the far left, and Bo pictured on the far right.)