National Weather Center Colloquium: Speaker Bio

W-band radar: an unconventional tool for precipitation studies

Dr. Sergey Matrosov

Senior Research Scientist
CIRES, Boulder, Colorado

Dr. Matrosov graduated from the Leningrad State University in 1979 with the M.S. degree in atmospheric physics. He obtained a Ph. D. degree in Geophysics in 1985 from the Main Geophysical Observatory (St. Petersburg, Russia) where he worked as a research scientist during the 1979-1989 period. In 1990-1991 he had an NRC post-doctoral appointment with the NOAA Wave Propagation Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. In 1991 he joined the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (University of Colorado and NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory) where he currently works as a Senior Research Scientist. His areas of expertise are radar meteorology and multi-sensor remote sensing of clouds and precipitation.

Presentation abstract

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