Weather and Climate Systems Seminar Series: Speaker

Multi-Model Ensemble Prediction of Ethiopian Monthly-to-Seasonal Monsoon Rainfall

Dr. Zewdu Tessema Segele


Dr. Segele received B.Sc. in physics (with Distinction) from Addis Ababa University Ethiopia), World Meteorological Organization WMO) Class-I postgraduate diploma in agricultural meteorology from the Indian Meteorological Department (Pune, India), and certificate in forecasting from the Japan Meteorological Agency Tokyo, Japan). He received Masters and Ph.D. degrees in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Segele served at varying positions from Junior Meteorologist to Team Leader of the Weather Forecast and Early Warning Team of the Ethiopian National Meteorological Agency (NMA) from 1986-1999. He was a visiting Climate Scientist at the African Center of Meteorological Applications for Development (Niger) in 1997/98. His research included quantification of time-scale interactions of tropical systems, evaluation and adaptation of regional climate model, modeling studies of the effects of sea surface temperature variations, boundary layer evolution, and land degradation, and data assimilation and microphysical sensitivity studies.

Presentation abstract