National Weather Center Colloquium: Speaker Bio

Coupling the Advanced Regional Prediction System and the Discrete Event Specification Fire Spread Model to Predict Wildfire Behavior

Nathan Dahl
OU School of Meteorology

Nathan Dahl grew up in Las Vegas, NV. After graduating from the Clark Academy of Math, Science, and Applied Technology in the spring of 2000, he migrated to Norman to enroll in the OU School of Meteorology. He took a two-year leave of absence to serve a religious mission in Iowa from 2001 to 2003 and then obtained a Bachelors Degree with Special Distinction in Spring 2006. He completed a Masters thesis on the impact of satellite data assimilation on convective-scale numerical forecasts in the Fall of 2008, and is currently teaching a course on Severe and Unusual Weather while completing a research assistantship with the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms. After finishing his doctorate this May, he hopes to pursue a career in numerical weather prediction, academia, or some combination of the two.

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