Senior Spotlight: Melissa Freeman

The School of Meteorology is extremely proud of the graduates produced each year, knowing that OU Meteorology alumni go on to do amazing things. For the next few weeks, we’re publishing stories of our students who are excited about upcoming jobs, graduate school placements, or overcoming hardships to reach where they are today. Our second is Melissa Freeman!

Melissa Freeman is a Native American student from Atlanta, Georgia who says she knew from age 8 that she wanted to be a meteorologist and quickly decided that she wanted to come to the University of Oklahoma. Her journey at OU began in July of 2013, where she says her dreams came true. However, her time here was not without its struggles – she shared with us that in 2014 she was faced with some financial issues and ultimately had to leave the university for about 18 months to work and pay down her debt. Once she was able to re-enroll, she worked hard and has earned the right to a BS in Meteorology this May. Her next step is to intern with the Emergency Management and Public Safety office for Cobb County, Georgia this summer. Melissa told us that she has loved her time in the School of Meteorology and even said “I have gained life long friends who are just as obsessed with weather as I am and a place where I feel like I belong. This program is very hard and I have struggled from time to time, but I love how everyone is always willing to help.” She also felt that the program has taught her to always ask questions and the skills an emergency management meteorologist needs, such as identifying hazards before they strike and developing plans quickly in order to keep the public safe. We’re glad that Melissa chose to fulfill her dreams in the OU School of Meteorology and grateful to her for sharing these pictures below. From her very first weather fest in Atlanta in 2006 to her cap and gown now, she’s never stopped working hard – congratulations, Melissa!