Message from the Director

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This strategic plan was developed, primarily by the faculty of the OU School of Meteorology
(SoM), with generous input from some SoM students, staff, and community members, over a
period of almost two years. Its progress was slowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which
required the SoM faculty to invest a disproportionate amount of time into their student-centered
responsibilities; the increased demands on the faculty’s research and service
activities due to Covid made the completion of strategic planning activities an arduous task
at times. Nonetheless, the faculty gave generously of their time and energy, and to this end,
produced a document that we are collectively very proud of. As is the case with all strategic
planning activities, the strategic plan itself is but one of the activities’ many outcomes. In
addition to creating the plan, the faculty had many meaningful exchanges about their vision
for the School in the future. We agreed and respectfully disagreed, we reviewed the past
and anticipated the future, we prioritized certain objectives and deprioritized others, and in
the end, we coalesced around the collaborative plan presented here.

As the Director of the School, I am grateful for the many days and weeks invested by the
creators of this plan, and the sacrifices of personal time with family and loved ones. In the
same vein, the faculty would like to thank the many contributors and reviewers of the plan,
including members of our student body, staff, affiliates and adjuncts, the College of
Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences and the University of Oklahoma leadership, as well
as the many contributors from partnering institutions and funding agencies.

Jens Redemann, Director, SoM (2018-2023)

Contributors and reviewers, not on the SoM faculty (alphabetical):
Dr. Fred Carr, Dr. Claude Duchon, Michael Eilts, Dr. Joe Friday, Andrea Gordon2, Shelby
Hill3, Dr. Belinda Hyppolite, Dr. Charles Ichoku, Dr. Jack Kain, Dr. Randy Kolar, Hrag
Najarian2, Elisa Murillo1, Aisha Owusu, Dr. Renee McPherson, Dr. Corey Potvin,
Bryony Puxley2, Dr. Alan Shapiro, Taylor Stephenson2, Dr. Louis Wicker


1contributing author, 2 reviewing on behalf of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC), 3 reviewing on behalf of the School staff


Full Strategic Plan having final typesetting applied. Will be made available here.