Xu Lu


Recent Ph.D. Graduate Xu Lu Wins Provost’s Dissertation Prize

Dr. Xu Lu, who graduated with his Ph.D. in Meteorology in December 2019, has been awarded the University of Oklahoma Provost’s Dissertation Prize! His dissertation was entitled “Improving High-Resolution Tropical Cyclone Prediction using a Cycled, GSI-Based Hybrid Ensemble-Variational Data Assimilation System for HWRF with Vortex Scale Observations”, a work he completed under the guidance of […]

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School of Meteorology Graduate Students become Award Winners at 2019 AMS

Graduate students Bo Huang and Xu Lu came home as award-winning researchers after this year’s American Meteorological Society (AMS) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Xu Lu wins Best Student Presentation

Xu Lu has been declared the Best Student Presentation of the 21st AMS IOAS-AOLS Conference in January 2017, for his presentation entitled “Impact of Issues of Vortex Initialization and HWRF Model Errors on Hurricane Inner Core Data Assimilation and Intensity Prediction”.

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