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SOM Alumni and KTEN Chief Meteorologist Mandy Bailey and Her Team Recognized by Oklahoma State Senate

SOM Alumni and current chief meteorologist at KTEN Mandy Bailey and the rest of her team are being recognized by the Oklahoma State Senate Thursday, May 23rd for their coverage of South- Central Oklahoma’s severe weather on April 27-28 2024.

7 Meteorology Juniors Shine: Recognized at The OU 2024 Campus Awards Program

Last Friday, The 2024 University of Oklahoma Campus Awards Ceremony honored 7 outstanding Juniors from The School of Meteorology. In the photo above (from left to right): Evan White, Parker Davis, Andrew Kenny, Xochitl Hidalgo, Alexa Dringus, Kyle Eskew (not pictured), and Daniel Fenske (not pictured), were all of the outstanding Juniors recognized at Friday’s […]

SoM Student Receives NSF GRFP Honorable Mention

This year, one student in the School of Meteorology received a NSF GRFP honorable mention. Colin Welty received one of only 3 honorable mentions in the Physical and Dynamical Meteorology category.  

SoM Student Affairs Committee Teams Up With College of AG&S for 2024 Multicultural Festival

On March 8, 2024, the SoM Student Affairs Committee (SAC), teamed up with the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences (A&GS) to host their Annual Multicultural Festival. This year’s festival delighted attendees with 28 dishes, skillfully prepared by students, faculty, staff, and researchers within the National Weather Center (NWC) and A&GS. Complementing the diverse food […]

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Jeffrey Milne

Thesis Defense  Identification and Verification of Mesoscale Convective Systems in the Models of the High-Resolution Ensemble Forecast System  Jeffrey Milne  Tuesday, July 16th , 2024  NWC 5930 / 9:30 am  Abstract: To better understand the characteristics of storms produced by forecast models and those seen in observations, contiguous and nearly contiguous radar objects with reflectivity […]

Sam Varga

 Thesis Defense   Creating Grid-Based Machine Learning Severe Weather Guidance for Watch-to-Warning Lead Times in the Warn-on-Forecast System Sam Varga  Thursday, July 18th, 2024  NWC 5930 / 10:00 am  If unable to attend in person join Google Meet:  Abstract: The Warn-on-Forecast System (WoFS) is a rapidly updating convection-allowing ensemble focused on providing numerical guidance at Watch-to-Warning […]

Stuart Edris

Thesis Defense  Evaluation of Flash Drought Identification with Machine Learning Techniques Stuart Edris Thursday, July 18th, 2024 Zoom / 2:00 pm If unable to attend in person join Zoom: Abstract: Droughts are extreme dry events that decrease an ecosystems and societys availability of water resources, leading to impacts on vegetation health and agricultural production […]

Kelsey Britt

Thesis Defense Forecasting Quasi-Linear Convective Systems and Mesovortex Tornado Potential Using the Warn-on-Forecast System (WoFS) Kelsey Britt Friday, July 19th, 2024 NWC 5600 / 2:00 pm If unable to attend in person Join Google Meet:  Abstract: Quasi-linear convective systems (QLCSs) can produce multiple hazards (e.g., straight-line winds, flash flooding, and mesovortex tornadoes) that pose […]

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