A&GS Adds a New Minor

The College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences has added a new Climate Adaptation minor.

Martin Awarded NSF Career Grant

Dr. Martin's team has been awarded nearly one million dollars

School of Meteorology Mourns Dr. Jeff Kimpel

Dr. Kimpel was a visionary leader who will be greatly missed.

Upcoming events

Greg Kopp (Western University) – Mar 31

Greg Kopp (Western University) Professor and Dean   TBD

Dylan Reif-31 Mar

Dylan Reif NWC 5600

Dylan Reif- Mar 31

Name:     Dylan Reif Title:    Initiation mechanisms of nocturnal convection without nearby surface boundaries Location: Online Date:     2020/03/31 Time:     02:00 PM Series:   Boundary Layer, Urban Meteorology, and Land-Surface Processes Abstract: Nocturnal convection is common over the central and southern great plains. Nearly 25% of this convection initiates without any apparent surface convergence (i.e., far away from surface […]

Jacob D. R. Ohnstad – April 1

Weather and Climate Seminar   Subseasonal Winter Weather Predictability Associated with Single vs. Multiple Wave Pulse Events and Their Impacts on the Arctic Stratospheric Polar Vortex   Jacob D. R. Ohnstad Wednesday, April 1st 3:00pm Central Time (US and Canada)/Zoom Meeting Join Zoom Meeting https://oklahoma.zoom.us/j/505651584 Meeting ID: 505 651 584   Extreme winter weather is […]

Qing Niu-07 Apr

Qing Niu NWC 5600

Francina Dominguez (University of Illinois) – April 14

Francina Dominguez (University of Illinois) Assoicate Professor     TBD
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