Celebrating Black History Month – Charles E. Anderson

The SoM is proud to celebrate Black History Month by highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of some of our field’s most important names.

Junior Lauren Tyler praised for performance at NWS Fort Worth Office

This past summer, junior Lauren Tyler volunteered at the National Weather Service Fort Worth Office, a highly sought out forecasting experience. Meteorologist-in-Charge Tom Bradshaw sent the School of Meteorology a letter about Tyler’s performance during her internship. He praised her for exceptional performance with his team. The purpose of this letter is to recognize OU […]

SoM Professor Heads Research Team to Help Weather-Weary Ag Industry

As the primary investigator and team leader during the five-year study, Basara and five OU graduate students focused on climate variability, including drought and excessive rainfall, how and when those extremes occur, and associated impacts on the agricultural industry.

Reading Exchange Students’ Capstone Presented Around the World

Over the years, the University of Reading, UK and the School of Meteorology (SoM) have shared a common goal; to educate the next generation of exceptional meteorologists. For almost 20 years the universities have participated in an exchange program, encouraging students to travel overseas and enrich their undergraduate studies. Each spring a group of students from the SoM heads off to Reading for one semester, and each fall a group of University of Reading students joins us here in Oklahoma for a whole school year.

Upcoming events

Ty Dickinson- Feb 26

Name:     Ty Dickinson Title:    Developing a Subseasonal to Seasonal Extreme Precipitation Events Database for the Contiguous United States Location: NWC 1350 Date:     2020/02/26 Time:     03:00 PM Series:   Weather and Climate Systems Abstract: Drought and extreme precipitation are two natural hazards that pose significant risks on multiple spatiotemporal scales, particularly the subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) timescale, […]

Jordan Laser-03 Mar

Jordan Laser NWC 5600

Tyler Bell-10 Mar

Tyler Bell NWC 5600

Brian Greene-24 Mar

Brian Greene NWC 5600

Greg Kopp (Western University) – Mar 31

Greg Kopp (Western University) Professor and Dean   TBD
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