1014.010Introduction to Weather and ClimateWilkeSEC A235MTWRF11:30AM - 12:20PMpdf
1014.011Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabGibbsSEC P209MTWRF03:30PM - 05:20PMpdf
1014.012Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabSilvisSEC P207MTWRF06:30PM - 08:20PMpdf
1014.013Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabNallapareddySEC P209MTWRF06:30PM - 08:20PMpdf
1014.014Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabLehmanSEC P207MTWRF03:00PM - 04:50PMpdf
1014.015Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabNallapareddySEC P201MTWRF03:30PM - 05:20PMpdf
1014.910Introduction to Weather and ClimateSpencerSEC N202MTWRF06:00PM - 07:15PMpdf
1014.911Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabHollandSEC P203MTWRF06:30PM - 08:20PMpdf
1014.912Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabHollandSEC P207MTWRF06:30PM - 08:20PMpdf
1014.913Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabSilvisSEC P207MTWRF06:30PM - 08:20PMpdf
1014.914Introduction to Weather and Climate - LabBraunSEC P201MTWRF06:00PM - 07:50PMpdf
1111.001Orientation to Professional MeteorologyCarrNWC 1313MTWRF04:00PM - 05:30PMpdf
2011.011Introduction to Meteorology I LaboratorySchwartzNWC 5720MTWRF01:30PM - 03:30PMpdf
2011.012Introduction to Meteorology I LaboratoryMillerNWC 5720MTWRF03:45PM - 05:45PMpdf
2011.021Introduction to Meteorology I Laboratory (Honors)GoebbertNWC 5720MTWRF11:30AM - 01:20PMpdf
2013.010Introduction to Meteorology IBiggerstaffNWC 1350MTWRF11:30AM - 12:45PMpdf
2013.020Introduction to Meteorology I (Honors)KloeselNWC 5600MTWRF10:00AM - 11:15AMpdf
2603.001Severe and Unusual WeatherHouserSEC N202MTWRF09:30AM - 10:20AMpdf
2603.900Severe and Unusual WeatherSnyderSEC A235MTWRF04:30PM - 05:45PMpdf
3113.001Atmospheric Dynamics I: Intro to Atmospheric Kinematics/DynamicsFiedlerNWC 1350MTWRF10:00AM - 10:50AMpdf
3213.001Physical Meteorology I: ThermodynamicsChilsonNWC 1350MTWRF11:00AM - 11:50AMpdf
3613.010Meteorological Measurement SystemsKleinNWC 1350MTWRF01:00PM - 01:50PMpdf
3613.011Meteorological Measurement Systems - LabArms,GalvezNWC 5302MTWRF09:30AM - 11:30AMpdf
3613.012Meteorological Measurement Systems - LabArms,GalvezNWC 5302MTWRF02:00PM - 04:00PMpdf
4133.001Atmospheric Dynamics III: Mid-Latitude Synoptic-Scale DynamicsDroegemeierNWC 5600MTWRF11:30AM - 12:45PMpdf
4233.001Physical Meteorology III: Radiation and ClimatePostawkoNWC 5600MTWRF12:00PM - 12:50PMpdf
4303.001Statistical MeteorologyRichmanNWC 5720MTWRF11:00AM - 11:50AMpdf
4330.995Information Technology Skills for MeteorologyFiedlerInternetMTWRFInternetpdf
4424.001Synoptic Meteorology LaboratoryCrawfordNWC 5600
NWC 1350
02:00PM - 03:45PM
02:30PM - 04:15PM
4491.001Weather BriefingBluesteinNWC 5720
NWC 5600
01:00PM - 01:30PM
01:00PM - 01:30PM
4533.001Earth's Past ClimatePostawko,SoreghanSEC P201MTWRF09:00AM - 10:15AMpdf
4613.001Satellite MeteorologyMorrisseyNWC 5600MTWRF10:00AM - 10:50AMpdf
4803.004Applications of Meteorology to Securities and Energy TradingStrumNWC 5820MTWRF12:00AM - 02:15PMpdf
4911.001Senior Seminar (Capstone)BeasleyNWC 5600MTWRF08:00PM - 08:50PMpdf
4922.001Senior Seminar II (Capstone)BeasleyNWC 5600MTWRF08:00PM - 08:50PMpdf
5113.001Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics IFedorovichNWC 5600MTWRF01:00PM - 01:50PMpdf
5233.001Cloud and Precipitation PhysicsStrakaNWC 5720MTWRF12:00PM - 12:50PMpdf
5303.001Objective AnalysisCarr,XueNWC 5930MTWRF01:00PM - 02:15PMpdf
5323.001Time Series Analysis IDuchonNWC 5930MTWRF11:00AM - 11:50AMpdf
5330.995Information Technology Skills for MeteorologyFiedlerInternetMTWRFInternetpdf
5491.001Weather BriefingBluesteinNWC 5720
NWC 5600
01:00PM - 01:30PM
01:00PM - 01:30PM
5523.001Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and EngineeringPapavassiliouSEC P209MTWRF09:30AM - 10:45AMpdf
5533.001Earth's Past ClimatePostawko,SoreghanSEC P201MTWRF09:00AM - 10:15AMpdf
5673.001Weather Radar Theory and PracticePalmerNWC 5930MTWRF10:00AM - 10:50AMpdf
5803.001Tropical MeteorologyLeslieNWC 5930MTWRF02:30PM - 03:45PMpdf
5803.002Data MiningRichman,MorrisseyNWC 5720MTWRF10:00AM - 11:15AMpdf
5803.003Satellite MeteorologyMorrisseyNWC 5600MTWRF10:00AM - 10:50AMpdf
5803.004Applications of Meteorology to Securities and Energy TradingStrumNWC 5820MTWRF12:00AM - 02:15PMpdf
6413.001Topics in Advanced Mesoscale MeteorologyBluesteinNWC 5930MTWRF10:00AM - 11:15AMpdf
6613.001Weather Radar PolarimetryZhangNWC 5930MTWRF02:00PM - 02:50PMpdf
6970.001CarrNWC 1350MTWRF03:30PM - 05:00PMpdf