A graduate teaching assistant (GTA or TA) is provided a tuition waiver and stipend for teaching a course or grading for a professors course. A graduate research assistant (GRA or RA) is provided a tuition waiver and stipend for working on a research project. Starting graduate school as a TA gives you teaching experience and allows you more time to decide what area of research you are interested in. The School of Meteorology offers TA positions. Starting graduate school as a RA allows you to get started on your research right away. School of Meteorology faculty and/or adjunct faculty from affiliated institutions offer RA positions when funding is available.

After students have received an offer and been admitted to the graduate program, they must complete the required OU Human Resources paperwork. Information can be found here.

Students are encouraged to be active in monitoring their paycheck stubs and tax and or/benefit withholding through the Oracle Self-Service Portal. Information on how to log in and check these items can be found here. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of your departmental financial administrator immediately.

It is important for graduate students to remember that while they may have a tuition waiver, they will be responsible for fees each semester. Students need to log into their student portal and monitor their Bursar’s account closely. If you are unable to pay in full by the deadline, it is important to contact the Bursar’s office to set up a payment plan: http://www.ou.edu/bursar.html .