Graduate students usually must be enrolled in five (5) or more credit hours and hold a graduate assistantship appointment of at least .50 FTE or twenty (20) hours per week for the entire semester to qualify for a tuition waiver during a fall or spring semester. Students with a spring .50 GA appointment qualify for applicable summer waivers when enrolled in summer. During a student’s last spring or fall semester, exceptions to the 5-credit hour enrollment minimum may be possible if less than 5 credit hours are required to complete the degree during that semester. Students should contact the Graduate College to inquire about such exceptions.

Preparation for Enrollment

  1. KNOW WHEN TO ENROLL. Graduate students should enroll as soon as their window opens. The Graduate Student Coordinator will also send reminders to graduate students. Delaying enrollment can also cause delays or issues with tuition waivers.
  2. CHECK FOR HOLDS. Holds may keep you from enrolling during your Enrollment Window or impact other processes. You can check for holds by viewing the Enrollment Windows and Registration Status on referenced in step one.
  3. BE ADVISED. Meet with your faculty advisor to make a plan. If any course overrides or special permissions are required for any of your courses, email the Graduate Student Coordinator.
  4. REGISTER FOR CLASSES. Click on the Enroll and Add/Drop link under the Academics tab on Choose the term you’d like to register and complete your enrollment. Click Submit Changes and you should see a screen appear with your course schedule. If you have a registration error, it will be listed on this screen as well.
  5. CHECK YOUR OU E-MAIL FOLLOWING ENROLLMENT. Make sure you receive an e-mail confirmation from Enrollment Services the next day following each registration transaction. If you do not receive an e-mail, your transaction was not processed. Contact Enrollment Services immediately for assistance at (405) 325-3572. Please keep all e-mails regarding registration until you receive your Bursar’s statement at the beginning of the semester.

Class Schedule for the upcoming semester: 

School of Meteorology Teaching Schedule – Fall 2019