The School of Meteorology is committed to increasing the diversity of our program and providing a place where people of all backgrounds can have an inclusive place to learn, research, and grow. You can find the latest report on the demographics of the people who have received degrees in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma here.

A graphic explains the options available to members of the OU Community have to report bias.

  • We encourage students who qualify to pursue the SOARS Research internship. SOARS, Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science, is an undergraduate-to-graduate bridge program designed to broaden participation in the atmospheric and related sciences. The program is built around research, mentoring, and community. SOARS participants, called protégés, spend up to four summers doing research in atmospheric and related sciences. SOARS offers comprehensive financial support for summer research, as well as undergraduate and graduate school funding. Over 90% of SOARS protégés have gone on to graduate school, and many have entered the workforce with an MS or gone on for their Ph.D. Learn more here.
  • The University of Oklahoma strives to integrate equity, inclusion, and diversity at every level of university life. More information about initiatives at the University level here.
  • The College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences also offers diversity and inclusivity support. More information can be found here.
  • Students at all levels and faculty may find it beneficial to join overarching organizations in order to communicate with other scientists who are interested in supporting diversity and inclusion efforts. The AMS sponsors annual diversity and inclusion activities, as does the AGU. The Earth Science Women’s Network, Association of Women Geoscientists, and other organizations may also be of interest.
  • In September 2016, the School of Meteorology launched a campaign called Inclusivity in Meteorology (I’M OU Meteorology) to help us celebrate the accomplishments and diversity of our community. One aspect of our campaign is to create a series of images that can be used on the School’s website, the monitors around the NWC, our social media, and other outlets.  If any of our students, faculty, alumni, or affiliates have an accomplishment to share or just want to celebrate that they are a part of Meteorology at OU, please contact Shelby Hill at Since the existence of underrepresented groups is well-documented in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, we welcome everyone to participate and want to create an environment where new and prospective students feel welcome and supported.
    The series of images is just the start. I’M Meteorology is more than poster images and social media. Instead, we hope that these images are the start of a campaign that will help us reach our critical goal of providing a more inclusive environment for all of our students, staff, faculty members, and affiliates. We want to make sure that everyone has an excellent and productive environment for their work, education, and research, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, gender identity, economic background, or differing ability. If you identify as someone who is underrepresented in this field and/or want to help us work towards a more inclusive environment, we invite you to join our I’M Meteorology campaign. Email Shelby Hill at for more information about how to get involved.