Preparation for Enrollment

  1. KNOW WHEN TO ENROLL. Check out your Enrollment Window and Registration Status on ONE under your Academics tab. Mark your calendar with the day and time that your enrollment window opens.
  2. CHECK FOR HOLDS. Holds may keep you from enrolling during your Enrollment Window or impact other processes. You can check for holds by viewing the Enrollment Windows and Registration Status on referenced in step one.
    • Watch your email for a message from Shelby Hill with your advisor assignment. Follow those directions to set up an appointment with your faculty advisor. If you do not receive an email, contact Ms. Hill at or 405-325-6561
    • Use Degree Navigator to keep up with degree requirements and track your progress toward graduation. You can link to DN via
    • Review semester-by-semester plans for your degree here.
    • View course descriptions by clicking on the course CRN (Course Reference Number) when you are in the ONE/ClassNav system searching courses (see below for more information on searching for courses).
    • Use the trial schedule template and/or the Build a Plan option in the enrollment system to create possible schedules to discuss with your faculty advisor. This will also make it easier to enroll when your window opens.
  4. BE ADVISED. Meet with your faculty advisor to make a plan. If any course overrides or special permissions are required for any of your courses, be sure to clarify with your advisor how to obtain these.
  5. PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE. Use any materials provided by your faculty advisor, the Trial Schedules you completed and discussed with them, and the Look Up Classes link found under the Academics tab on ONE to find the courses you need and plan your schedule.
  6. REGISTER FOR CLASSES. Click on the Enroll link under the Academics tab on ONE. Choose the term you’d like to register and use your trial schedules to complete your enrollment. Click Submit Changes and you should see a screen appear with your course schedule. If you have a registration error, it will be listed on this screen as well.
    Finish 15! Remember enrollment in less than 15 hours each semester may require additional semesters to complete your degree.
  7. CHECK YOUR OU E-MAIL FOLLOWING ENROLLMENT. Make sure you receive an e-mail confirmation from Enrollment Services the next day following each registration transaction. If you do not receive an e-mail, your transaction was not processed. Contact Enrollment Services immediately for assistance at (405) 325-3572. Please keep all e-mails regarding registration until you receive your Bursar’s statement at the beginning of the semester.