Attending national conferences of various professional organizations can provide students with valuable networking and learning experiences, in addition to opportunities to demonstrate research. For this reason, the School prioritizes student conference travel. We are proud to say that our students tend to be very successful at these conferences, often winning awards for undergraduate presentations and posters. Please visit the “News” section of our site to learn about the awards our students have won recently.

It is the policy of the School to provide each undergraduate student with funding to attend at least one professional conference during their undergraduate career. The funding can be used to support flight costs, food, lodging, meeting registration, and other approved travel costs. The number of students supported in a calendar year will be limited by the amount of available funds, with students who are presenting a talk or poster at a conference, as well as upperclassmen, given priority when making funding decisions. If you are interested in applying for travel funds, please fill out the form below at least 90 days before your trip. Late submission may result in a reduction in travel support. 

Updated procedures for AMS travel requests:  For AMS travel, we will calculate the average amount needed for 5 days/4 nights at the meeting destination and provide a common maximum allowable amount of funds to each student.  You will not be required to submit a budget but will be asked to give a personal statement.

Once you have received approval for your travel, you may either a) book your own flight, or b) find a flight and email it to Debbie Barnhill at for booking, and then make your own hotel reservation and other arrangements. Students will initially cover the costs of their trip, and will submit a form for reimbursement upon their return. In order to be reimbursed, students need to save the receipts from each transaction and submit them to Debbie in a travel envelope (available at the front desk). It is important for students to remember that they will not be reimbursed beyond the amount for which they have been approved. Please be aware that the following restrictions apply when traveling with University funds: the University can cover airfare, shuttles, train, taxi, mileage to and from the airport, conference registration, per diem, and hotel, but cannot cover: souvenirs, room service laundry services, or additional baggage fees beyond one checked bag. Exemptions can sometimes be made, but additional restrictions may also apply. When in doubt about what may be covered, it is always better for students to stay on the safe side and assume that things will not be covered.