The School of Meteorology employs a number of instructors, some of whom are professors, adjuncts, TAs, full-time instructors, etc. It is our goal to provide those instructors with a succinct list of resources; if you have something you would like to see added, please use the contact link to send a note to our site admin! 

University Policies
Many questions instructors may receive about absence policies, military leave, final exam scheduling, etc. are covered in the OU Faculty handbook. The Faculty handbook should be considered an important repository of information not just for the full-time faculty member, but for any instructor on the OU campus:

OU Together Covid information:

Graduate College
The graduate college provides support to many members of the university community. Since TAs serve a double role as both student and instructor, they will find this resource particularly helpful:

The American Meteorological Society has some great resources for educators. Check them out here:

Canvas Resources
Canvas is relatively new to the OU campus, and many users are still a little unsure about how to perform certain functions within it. The Canvas website has a number of helpful articles and FAQs – we’ve linked two very common ones below.

Change notifications (make sure you receive emails when you get a message)
Send a message to all users in a class

Academic Integrity
OU’s office of Academic Integrity strives to create an academic culture that has integrity both within and outside the classroom. They offer suggestions for syllabus statements, online resources, and contacts in case instructors have questions. Take a look at their website here:

Information about Internships for Credit
Information about students getting credit for internships can be found here:

ADRC Policy
The policy for accommodations can be found here: