Cluster Hire Initiative within the College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences

As part of a multi-year effort to become a global leader in Earth System Predictions and Community Resilience Research, the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma welcomes applications for a cluster of 10 faculty positions from candidates whose experiences and interests have prepared them to be an integral contributor to the advancement of our inclusive and diverse communities engaged in scientific discovery, developing talent, and service to society.

The first year of this multi-year hiring initiative is mostly focused on high-impact and severe weather (HISW), while years 2 and 3 will target subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) predictions, and Earth System Modeling (ESM) and Prediction, respectively. The ten positions in year one focus on the areas radar meteorology, boundary-layer meteorology, numerical weather prediction, earth system prediction, water system science, urban climate, and community resilience

This first-year search is coordinated by the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences and includes 7 positions in the School of Meteorology (SoM), two positions in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability (DGES), and one position of this cluster search is envisioned as joint between SoM and DGES.

More information about the positions and instructions about how to apply can be found at:

DGES Cluster Hire:
SoM Cluster Hire: