Dr. Amy Mcgovern Discusses the Importance of High Impact Weather Research with President Harroz in His Podcast

The fifteenth president of The University of Oklahoma, Joseph Harroz, Jr., was joined by Dr. Amy McGovern on his podcast on March 5th, 2024.

Dr. Amy McGovern is a Lloyd G. and Joyce Austin Presidential Professor of Machine learning, data-mining, and data science for the physical sciences. She uses real-world applications with a focus of high-impact weather to further weather prediction.

“As the climate is changing, we’re getting a shift in those severe weather distributions, but we’re also getting more extreme weather that is coming and definitely causing a greater need for what we’re trying to do.” Dr. McGovern states about how the weather is increasing over the past several years and why research is important in our understanding of it.

Artificial Intelligence has been an increasing source of conversation since the beginning of 2023. There has been many conversations about whether or not A.I. can be used in employment locations to improve success within these companies. Dr. Amy McGovern discussed the implications of A.I. and how it could be used to influence severe weather research at The University of Oklahoma.