Free Software

Welcome to the start of a new semester! With the start of each semester, there is always the impact of tuition on wallets. We wanted to make sure everyone knows about free software made available to all students.

From OU IT:
Microsoft Windows 10 (
Matlab (
Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and Mac (
OneDrive (Free 1TB of Cloud Storage) (
ArcGIS for Desktop (

From SoM IT (please talk to Shawn or Ben for access):
VMware Fusion for Mac
VMware Workstation for Windows and Linux

From Autodesk (
All Autodesk Software (such as AutoCAD)

From DreamSpark (
Microsoft Visual Studio

From Enthought (
Enthought Canopy Python Full Edition

From FetchFTP (Please talk to Shawn or Ben for access):
Fetch FTP client for MacOS