Graduate Student Wins Second Place for Oral Presentation

Graduate Student Wins Second Place for Oral Presentation

School of Meteorology Ph.D. student, Dylan Reif, placed second in his oral presentation at the AMS Mesoscale Conference in Savannah, Georgia earlier this year.
Special conferences provide unique opportunities to collaborate with meteorologists all over the country,

“For me, conferences are a great way to see my peers from other universities and institutions that I don’t get to see on a regular basis, and they are a great way to share ideas that spawns new research and improves current research,” Reif said.

Reif told us about the work he presented,

“I presented some of the work I’ve been doing using data from a field campaign that I participated in 4 years ago. I was looking at how strong the vertical velocity is at the leading edge of cold pools, or outflow boundaries, from thunderstorms. Since, I was directly involved in the data collection, the research was a bit more personal to me because I remember what it took to collect the data.”

His hard work did not go unnoticed,
“It was nice to be recognized. All of the students had excellent presentations, so being recognized by the conference committee felt pretty nice,” Reif said.
With the goal of becoming a meteorology professor at a university, Reif is eager to continue working on his presentation skills and continue to improve for later conferences.
Congratulations to Dylan!