Energy Meteorologist



Executive Search Firm: ScaleBlaze Inc.

Client Hiring: GBE Energy

Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Job Type: Full Time, Permanent

Compensation: Competitive base salary, annual bonus and comprehensive benefits




Founded in 2013, GBE Energy is a leading energy trading firm headquartered in Calgary,

Alberta, specializing in buying and selling of electricity, natural gas, and other energy

commodities. A fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment awaits the successful candidate.




This is a unique opportunity for a motivated individual to gain hands-on experience in the

ever-changing field of energy. This opportunity will offer competitive fixed and variable

merit-based compensation. Growth prospects include the potential for future trading roles within the organization.


The precise forecasting of weather is an essential contributor to the transition of our energy systems to low carbon alternatives. Wind and solar energy output varies greatly according to local weather conditions. Temperature heavily drives our heating and cooling demands. As weather volatility increases, understanding the daily and seasonal drivers of events with probabilistic accuracy and granularity is vital for decision makers in the energy industry.


Timely and concisely delivered information to traders directly contributes to value creation. Feedback loops are tight, and stakes are high. As are the rewards.




As Meteorologist, you will have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of seasoned professionals and gain hands-on experience in the field of energy, markets, and trading.


Outstanding performance and demonstrable value creation in the role will yield future opportunities for growth in the company.




· Assist in analyzing and interpreting weather data to support energy trading decisions.

· Provide updates in real-time as temperature observations are realized and model runs are published, providing insights on impacts to energy demand.

· Conduct research and analysis on current weather patterns and future climate changes, assessing their risk and impact to energy systems.

· Develop and implement trading tools, data visualizations, and predictive models using advanced statistical and machine learning techniques

· Design and create visually appealing and informative dashboards and reports that convey weather information to the trade floor

· Develop and maintain weather-based electricity load forecasts and models.

· Actively participate in discussions with the team, collaborating with traders to share insights and develop trading strategies.

· Keep up-to-date with developments in weather forecasting technology, service

providers, and academia, incorporating new methodologies into existing and improved models.

· Develop energy market knowledge, including expertise in financial trading products



· A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Meteorology, Atmospheric Sciences or a related field.

· Ideally at least 3 years of experience in meteorology, however given the requirement for relocation there is flexibility for either more junior or seasoned level candidates.

· Strong proficiency in statistical analysis and forecasting.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to present complex data and concepts in a clear and concise manner.

· Ability to work independently and as an effective contributor in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment.

· A background in energy markets and their relationship to weather patterns is considered an asset but not necessary.

· Entrepreneurial and commercial mindset



ScaleBlaze Inc is conducting the recruitment for this role on behalf of GBE Energy, as such any interested applicants should send their resumes directly to ScaleBlaze Inc to the email address provided below. Our client will provide relocation support and will also take care of all necessary immigration/visa related matters.


Rachel Maxwell

Partner and Co-Founder

ScaleBlaze Inc


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