Job opening for Unidata AWIPS Lead Engineer – Software Engineer IV

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Opportunity: Job opening for Unidata AWIPS Lead Engineer – Software Engineer IV


UCAR Unidata is looking for a scientific software developer to join our team as technical lead for the Unidata AWIPS project. Unidata AWIPS is a version of the NWS AWIPS that has been modified and repackaged for non-operational use for research and education. As technical lead, you will work closely with NOAA/NCEP, NOAA/NWS, Raytheon, and the broader community to understand and specify Unidata community needs. You’ll collaborate with Unidata management and other Unidata developers to evaluate the state of the AWIPS project, determine next steps, and communicate this information to Unidata’s governing committees and the broader Unidata community.


In addition, you’ll work to improve and simplify the Unidata AWIPS distribution and the installation process for use by the Unidata community, and contribute to Unidata’s efforts to support the deployment of AWIPS in other countries and national weather services. Alongside Unidata developers and community members, you’ll identify ways that AWIPS can be modified to improve usability by University educators and researchers, working with the NOAA AWIPS development team to document issues and consider solutions that can be contributed back to the AWIPS codebase.

For a detailed job description and information on how to apply, see the official posting.