Post Doctorate Research Position (Austria)

  • Temporary
  • Austria

Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change

There is an open Postdoc position at Wegener Center for Climate and GlobalChange, University of Graz, Austria, to join a research group AtmosphericRemote Sensing and Climate System:

Hours a week: 40

Salary per year: € 66,532.20 ($71,611.93)

For more information/ application details:;!!KGKeukY!yLrSBubLl7ZFbUiKq0KY-6C8RytIcZkVFLaE11Pj9KWlx7jAj_KWI4JNinOXd2SYXP_bJEVe4B8-JMEHD21F$

in the area of climate analysis and satellite remote sensing withoccultation methods,specifically on data analysis innovations, uncertainty characterization ofclimate recordsand their application for atmospheric and climate research.

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