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Job Summary
Shallow clouds over the tropical and subtropical oceans are intimately linked to the thermodynamic structure of the boundary layer and the way the boundary layer transports energy and moisture between the ocean, the boundary layer, and the free atmosphere. That coupling, in turn, helps to establish the planet’s large-scale circulation, especially the strength and magnitude of the ITCZ. The University of Colorado’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) and the Physics Sciences Division (PSD) at the NOAA Earth System Research Lab in scenic Boulder, Colorado, seeks a hardworking and capable postdoc to help us better understand these interactions.
The project will involve high-resolution modeling interpreted through an analytic framework that focuses on surface-boundary layer-free atmospheric coupling, with the aim of improving the representation of air-sea coupling in models with parameterized shallow convection. The process modeling study will be focused on the ATOMIC/EUREC4A-OA field campaigns that will take place east of Barbados during January-February, 2020. One focus of the work will be understanding how meso-scale circulations in the atmosphere and ocean affect this coupling, with the long-term goal of representing these “grey-zone” processes in global predictive systems. We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher with experience in some mix of atmospheric boundary layer dynamics, air-sea interactions, and upper ocean physics. Candidates should be comfortable with high-performance computing and data analysis
Key Responsibilities
  • Work with NOAA and CIRES scientists at PSD to perform LES experiments to examine the roles of mesoscale organization in changing surface-boundary layer-free atmospheric coupling.
  • Tasks will involve a combination of model development, designing numerical experiments, and developing a framework for analyzing model output.
  • Engage in scientific activities related to ATOMIC/EUREC4A-OA field campaign, present results at scientific meetings, and prepare manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals.


  • A Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences or a related field.
  • Previous experience and skills in one or more of the topics described in the job summary (e.g. boundary layer dynamics, cloud physics, air-sea coupling).
To apply, please submit the following materials:
  1. Resume or CV
  2. Cover letter addressed to the Search Committee briefly describing your qualifications, professional goals, and specific interest in this position.
  3. List of contact information for 3 references who will be willing to write a confidential Letter of Recommendation for you. You don’t need to include letters of recommendation with your initial application. The search committee will request letters of recommendation at a later time If you are identified as a finalist for this role.
If you are selected as the finalist, your degree will be verified by the CU Boulder Campus Human Resources department using an approved online vendor. If your degree was obtained outside of the United States, please submit a translated version as an optional attachment.
The position will be open until filled. Applications will be screened as they are received.
Note: Application materials will not be accepted via email. For consideration, applications must be submitted through CU Boulder Jobs.

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