Two Postdoc Tropical Scientists

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is recruiting two postdoctoral scientists to conduct innovative research in the areas of “Air-sea interactions and Tropical Cyclones” and “Tropical Cyclone impacts on coastal regions.”

As part of a new project on Integrated Coastal Modeling (ICoM), PNNL is recruiting two postdoctoral scientists to conduct research to understand the impacts of air-sea interactions on Tropical Cyclones (TCs) and to develop capabilities to model the impacts of TCs in the coastal zone. The candidates will work with a team of scientists at PNNL to improve our understanding and modeling of TCs, their changes in a warmer climate, and their impacts such as storm surge and inland flooding in coastal regions. More specifically, the research will address questions such as 1) How does the Gulf Stream and associated eddies influence TCs that pass over them, 2) How does coastal ocean influence TCs before landfall, and 3) How will the large-scale TC environment change under global warming and how will this modulate impacts from TCs? While these are problems specific to the project, the candidates will also be able to work on TC-Ocean interactions more broadly. The candidates will analyze observations and CMIP5/6 model output in addition to performing numerical model simulations with the DOE’s Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM). Additionally, the candidates will also work on developing PNNL’s statistical-dynamical TC model and use it in TC research.

The position is for two years and renewable contingent upon performance. The successful candidates should have a Ph.D. degree in physical oceanography, atmospheric sciences, civil and environmental engineering, or related fields. Experiences in numerical modeling and ability to analyze model outputs and observations using modern computational and statistical tools will be considered as key qualifications during the evaluation. To apply <>/apply <>, please include the following in a single document:

* Cover letter describing the applicant’s research experience and interests.

* Curriculum vitae with a list of publications in refereed journals.

* Names and addresses of three references.

To apply for this job please visit