Two Postdoctoral Opportunities – Tropical Convection, Florida State University

The Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science (EOAS) at FloridaState University seeks two highly motivated postdoctoral researchassociates to conduct research in the area of atmospheric convection andclimate in the tropics. The successful applicants will contribute toPICCOLO, an NSF-funded project to investigate the nature, governingmechanisms, and impact of mesoscale organization of precipitation deepconvective organization in the context of the Atlantic Inter-TropicalConvergence Zone (ITCZ).  Field observations from the ORCESTRA campaign (;!!KGKeukY!zAsA-Mk5cuof3ZB1kSzW31kN4Pi_3prIud2pdM-aMfsmic0N7kOg_t8Y1fRdTgVjqOZ8U6yaGScYMKEj-4h7$  ), in particular advanced polarimetric retrievals from the SEA-POL radar (;!!KGKeukY!zAsA-Mk5cuof3ZB1kSzW31kN4Pi_3prIud2pdM-aMfsmic0N7kOg_t8Y1fRdTgVjqOZ8U6yaGScYMDmpjdRF$  ), and numerical simulations will be used as part of this project.Position one:

is on convective organization, supervised by Prof. Allison Wing in EOAS at FSU (;!!KGKeukY!zAsA-Mk5cuof3ZB1kSzW31kN4Pi_3prIud2pdM-aMfsmic0N7kOg_t8Y1fRdTgVjqOZ8U6yaGScYMOsTUDBC$  ).Position two:

is in moist thermodynamics, co-advised by Prof. Allison Wing in EOAS at FSU (;!!KGKeukY!zAsA-Mk5cuof3ZB1kSzW31kN4Pi_3prIud2pdM-aMfsmic0N7kOg_t8Y1fRdTgVjqOZ8U6yaGScYMOsTUDBC$  ) and Prof. Morgan O’Neill in the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto (;!!KGKeukY!zAsA-Mk5cuof3ZB1kSzW31kN4Pi_3prIud2pdM-aMfsmic0N7kOg_t8Y1fRdTgVjqOZ8U6yaGScYMDGRhrsu$  ).For more information, contact  or see the attachedadvertisement

(;!!KGKeukY!zAsA-Mk5cuof3ZB1kSzW31kN4Pi_3prIud2pdM-aMfsmic0N7kOg_t8Y1fRdTgVjqOZ8U6yaGScYMN4EwBaQ$  ). Theapplication deadline is March 1, 2024.

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