Johnson, Aaron

Johnson, Aaron

Research Scientist

Mentoring Mindset:

A mentor should support the mentee by making the mentor’s perspective and experiences available and accessible to the mentee. The purpose of the mentor-mentee relationship is to empower the mentee to identify their goals, develop effective strategies for achieving those goals, and identify and eliminate obstacles to success.


Higher Education and Employment Background:

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor at OU since 2020
    • Areas of research experience include Numerical Weather Prediction and Data Assimilation, Ensemble forecasting at convection-allowing resolution, Machine Learning techniques, Nocturnal convection, and Forecast verification.
  • M.S (2011) and PhD (2014) in Meteorology, University of Oklahoma
    • Post-doctoral researcher at OU through 2017
    • Research Scientist at OU since 2017
  • B.S. in Meteorology and Computer Science, Valparaiso University, 2009


Life Defining Moments in Meteorology and Higher Education:

  • Participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates program at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland between Junior and Senior year sparked my enthusiasm for a career in research.
  • Taking my grandfather’s advice to consider double-majoring in Computer Science turned out to be a decision that proved quite valuable to my graduate research career.
  • An opportunity to take a 10-day storm chasing field study course at Valparaiso University allowed me to relate my classroom knowledge of atmospheric motions to phenomena that I could see and feel, furthering my passion for convective weather.
  • A freshman physics professor who also taught meteorology used a lot of examples from meteorology in physics class which initially sparked my interest in majoring in meteorology.